Mosquito was born in Porto Alegre (RS), Brasil in 1983. Even though he started practicing capoeira in the late 1980s, it was in the 1990s when he formally dedicated himself to the art at Centrosul capoeira porto-alegrense as a student of Contra–Mestre Reco. CM Mosquito started teaching capoeira in the early 2000s. After the departure of his mestre for the United States in 2003, he began seeking a new path with capoeira. Following a quick passage by the hands of Mestre Gororoba (for who he has a great respect and admiration), Mosquito founded the group Capoeira Mandingueiro. Shortly after the foundation of the group he moved with his family to the coastal region of RS where he started a project with capoeira.

With much dedication and perseverance he quickly gained respect and support from the community and public organizers of the city, he was also featured frequently in the newspaper and on the radio.
The experience that Mosquito has acquired over the years is the fruit of the daily living and dedication to the practice and teaching of the capoeira art.

Capoeira is the art to which Mosquito has dedicated his life.